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Now it is the time for it!

The project of the International Academy raised several years ago from the increasing number of students from all over the globe requesting to join Gheorghe Zamfir’s Master Classes.

UNITED MEDIA GROUP EUROPE, is in charge of this project due to it's experience and proven track record of the last two decades.

The Contest

After 60 days of study, five international architects proposed several shapes of their ideas of the Gheorghe Zamfir International Academy.

We choose the proposal of a young talented Italian architect: Francesca Di Palo from the beautiful historical small town of Trani.

Francesca Di Palo was born on the 11th of December 1971 she is associate of the Architectural firm Arkitetti, she has been involved in many different projects since the year 1999 she activates mainly in rehabilitation of artistic historical buildings and she has various project of opera houses and theaters both in Italy and abroad.


Thank you Francesca for your effort!

 International Academy Gheorghe Zamfir, is a Music School so we briefly listed the main needs:

▪ 20 Classrooms (each with capacity of 20 students)

▪ 20 Dorms (for 1 or max 2 students each)

▪ Concert Hall with stage and 450 seats

▪ Pan Flute Museum

▪ Library

▪ Office spaces

▪ Reception

▪ Accounting

▪ Secretary (Students needs related)

▪ Administrative

▪ School Director

▪ Students Coordinators

▪ Meeting Room (minimum capacity 15 people)

▪ Restaurant/Bistro


The Project

You can

contribute to build the Gheorghe Zamfir International Pan Flute Academy by buying our partner's products

The Concept

The project starts from the idea of ​creating a multipurpose cultural center, for the enjoyment, artistic production and spread of art, in a specific and particularly musical way. The structure is divided into 4 volumes: - The Amphitheater - The Zephyr Towers - The shell - The Auditorium

The Amphitheater is entirely made of TRANI white stone. It consists of circular steps covering a total surface of 1300 sqm which allows to accommodate one thousand people. Behind it, to protect it, in an ideal "embrace", the vertical structure stands out, consisting of 20 circular elements (the Pipes), each with a diameter of 10 meters and connected to each other, on various levels through internal stairs and elevators. 

Inside the individual circular structures there is the Academy of Music with its classrooms and exhibition spaces dedicated to the permanent museum of music and periodic exhibitions of various kinds.

The Museum itinerary unfolds seamlessly within the individual "pipes" and between one pipe and another.

The towers have an increasing and proportionate trend between them except the last and highest of all which with its 100 meters of height constitutes the iconic element of greatest visual impact and attraction for those who want to admire the entire structure from high, together with the panorama of the entire city. The main tower will be equipped with a dedicated entrance and panoramic elevators that will allow to directly reach the top floor, consisting of a closed panoramic structure, entirely in glass, and an overhanging open terrace. For the construction of the entire structure of the towers it was assumed the use of steel and glass with external wood cladding (Brise Soleil effect).

The shell is a small amphitheater and, thanks to its underground position, more protected. It is designed for the specific activities of the Academy and for small artistic performances.  It is made of white stone and a mobile roofing system is conceivable. The Auditorium can accommodate five hundred people and consists of a reinforced concrete structure with the entire entrance façade and the entire façade rear of the proscenium entirely in crystal.  Behind the proscenium a mobile structure of wings will allow, if necessary, to open the wings, so that from the stalls you can see the structure of the Amphitheater and the carefully illuminated Zephyr Tower.

The upper part of the auditorium will be entirely covered with plants, small Olive trees, walkable lawn and games dedicated to musical art, thus constituting a small music park for children.

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