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The "Gheorghe Zamfir" International Music Foundation aims to promote the values of Romanian music, including folk music and international music.



  •  The establishment and support of a musical center - Academy - open to all those who want to improve in the musical field, especially the study of the musical instrument called NAI (Pan Flute)

  • Training, supporting and improving a generation of musicians of exceptional quality

  • Developing and supporting educational programs for disadvantaged categories of students (students from rural areas, students from disadvantaged social backgrounds, etc.) who want to pursue a musical career;

  • Organizing human resources training programs in and for music education through courses, seminars, workshops and other specific activities;-

  • Promoting and conducting studies and research in order to exchange experience and improve musical methods and techniques;

  • Identification and collaboration with partners among organizations and institutions in Romania that have the same sphere of interests in the field of music;

  • Organizing meetings and conferences with the institutions involved in the music field

  • Organizing every year a music festival entitled "Gheorghe Zamfir"

  • The establishment and support of the "Gheorghe Zamfir Memorial House"

  • Organizing any other activities and actions in accordance with the legislation in force.

The Gheorghe Zamfir International Music Foundation is a legal entity registered by the Bucharest Ministry of Justice under the number 468/PJ/1999, with the tax number through its registration CIF: 12334217.

Donations to Gheorghe Zamfir International Music Foundation are tax deductible in accordance with the law.

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